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foosball table with superheroes
The field is set up just like one in elementary school — four bases and a pitcher's mound, usually those floppy rubber ones.

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There are a variety of great tables to choose from, each offering their own benefits and unique style. Finding the right pool table for you can be easy if you know what you’re looking for!Learning more about the different types of pool tables available will help you decide which one is right for you. Classic tablesTraditional pool tables offer simple pleasures and a sense of nostalgia. Classic tables are constructed of various types of wood, providing for an elegant appearance. Green felt typically covers the table, making an excellent surface for any billiard sport. Modern tablesPool tables can provide more than just a space to play your favorite games, they can also add to the overall look and décor of a room. Today, pool tables come in a variety of fabulously modern styles. These tables use innovative shapes and designs—try not to get distracted by the beauty as you align your shot!Outdoor tablesWho says pool can only be played indoors?Outdoor pool tables are designed to stay strong in any type of weather, making them a great choice for a backyard entertainment spot. You can find all of these great tables and more here at Triangle Stores. We carry a great selection of game tables in a variety of styles and sizes. Contact us today by visiting our website or calling us at 714 422 0780.